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This is the GMTK Game Jam build of Fire Escape, a platformer without jumping. We made this game in 48 hours.

Aim and shoot an ember to burn things and transfer your soul.


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FireEscapeWindows.zip 22 MB
FireEscapeMacOS.zip 26 MB
FireEscapeLinuxUntested.zip 24 MB
FireEscapeWeb.zip 13 MB


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I pressed every button on my keyboard and the game didn't start. Whatever fire means, the controls in the bottom left dont help you start.

What is fire, and how do you press it? Could't you just make it POSSIBLE to start the game?

I can't start the game

nvm I beat the game.

how did you get past the start screen?

Lots of fun, would really benefit from a level select screen and multiple available levels at a time, in case you get bored/frustrated with one level.

Really solid jam entry. Good tempo in progression from level to level, going for an epic finale and well showcasing the potential of the concept. 

The constant shifting between movement and aiming (more of a guessing) golf/worms/artilery style is interesting, albeit I personally cannot get over the dissonance of the two playstyles. 

Platformers without direct movement have been showing here and there, with the biggest of late I can think of is Dandara.